The capabilities of Roger Kaufman and Associates (RK&A) are diverse and interdisciplinary. RK&A professionals regularly serve as research and development consultants to local, state, national and international educational institutions, as well as to business, industrial, and military agencies and organizations throughout the world. Consulting capabilities include seminars, workshops, consultations, as well as projects of all sizes. RK&A can offer most services in both English and Spanish.

RK&A utilizes an interdisciplinary approach and related methodologies including:

Strategic Planning

Needs Assessment

Costs-Consequences Analysis/Return on Investment Analyses

Policy Creation and Analysis

Formative, Summative, and Goal-free Evaluation

System Planning


Distance Learning

Technical Writing

Special Education

Benchmarking and Reengineering

Research Design and Measurement

Educational and Instructional Psychology

Communication Models and Processes

Quantitative and Qualitative Evaluation

Human Resource Development

Quality Management

Continuous Improvement/Evaluation

The experience and resources of RK&A provide a unique combination of experience, scholarship, and capability in research and development that leads to increased personal and organizational performance as well as societal usefulness.

RK&A can thus assist a variety of organizations in diverse settings to develop a better linking of resources and procedures with organizational and societal value-added.