Online Self-Assessments

Online self-assessments are tools developed by the Roger Kaufman and Associates (RK&A) to offer clients a resource for obtaining the valid and useful information necessary to make the challenging decisions that are common in today's organizations.

Online self-assessments are currently available on variety of topics that a critical to improving the performance of individuals and organizations. Each self-assessment utilizes the latest technology in matrix evaluations to collect information in a multiple response format.

After completing one or more of the self-assessment, the Associates of RK&A will provide you with an endepth analysis of the findings, as well as a consulting report that includes recommendations for making challenging decisions within your organization.

Currently available self-assessments include:

> Strategic Planning and Thinking

> Needs Assessment and Your Organization

> Performance Improvement Competencies

> Organizational Readiness for E-learning

> Evaluation and Your Organization

> Culture and Your Organization

> Performance Motivation

The Assessment Book

The Assessment Book includes seven self-assessment instruments—validated by professionals and organizations including IBM and Hewlett Packard—that provide solid guidance to calibrate where your organization is currently and help you decide where it should be.

These instruments address the issue of “what” before “how.” Whilst many professional surveys, books, guidelines, and support help available today are in the form of how-to approaches, research tells us that starting with implementation can often lead to consequences other than desirable results.

Please contact us for more information about using these instruments in your organization.