Past Projects and Products

Beginning out as The Center for Needs Assessment and Planning in 1977, Roger Kaufman and Associates (RK&A) shares the goal of both public and private sector organizations to improve human and organizational performance resulting in organizational contributions to their external clients.

RK&A has provided a wide range, both organizationally and through the professional contributions of individual staff members, of value added services (primary applied and developmental research activities) to local, state, national and international agencies, organizations, and institutions, such as this partial list:

McGraw-Hill Lifetime Learning: Performed an audit and assessment of the instructional design and development processes used in the production of CD-ROM and Web-based instructional materials.

Workforce Development OCSEA/AFSCME: Conduct a needs assessment of for a joint State of Ohio employee labor union and management workforce development program.

US Department of Veterans Affairs (Division of Veteran Benefits): Identify the characteristics, scope, and potential effectiveness of a large array of existing needs assessment models and approaches, and recommended a process that best fits their requirements.

Sonora Institute of Technology (Instituto Tecnologico de Sonora, ITSON):

American Evaluation Association: Workshop on needs assessment for its Evaluation Institute.

Milliken University: Applications workshop on needs assessment and strategic thinking.

International Society for Performance Improvement: Workshop on strategic thinking. Faculty of several Human Performance Improvement Institutes.

MB&A, Argentina: Consulting services on large organizational change.

Australian Department of Defense: Consulting and workshop on strategic planning and needs assessment.

Public Service & Merit Protection Commission of Australia: Consulting and workshops on needs assessment, costs-consequences analysis, and strategic planning.

Andersen/Andersen Consulting, World Headquarters: Workshops on strategic planning and thinking, and needs assessment.

March of Dimes: Presentations on needs assessment and strategic mergers.

Florida Office of the Governor, Office of Planning & Budgeting: Develop a Needs Assessment Guide and Prototype State Agencies Management Plan; Improvement of strategic planning; Ideal Vision for Florida.

National Institute of Education, National Consortium for Bilingual Education: Study of Significant Bilingual Instructional Features common to success with major ethnic groups served by US education.

Florida Department of Administration: Improved Accountability and Effectiveness in Senior Management by identifying characteristics and related professional development requirements.

National Institute of Education: Planning for a Southeastern Regional Education Laboratory.

Florida Division of Applied Technology and Adult Education: Research the societal and economic contributions of Adult and Community education; Development and validation of vocational educator competencies; Design a model competency-based vocational teacher training curriculum; Context evaluation and status studies of vocational education in Florida; Development and testing of decision rules for selecting among alternative vocational education programs; Development of vocational education planning, procedures, and manuals; Development of a master plan for improving Competency Based Vocational Education (CBVE) in Florida.

Florida Division of Public Schools: Develop Needs Assessment procedure for school improvement teams; Train regional exceptional educator/trainers in strategic planning methods; Develop and conduct training for school level needs assessments for accountability; Produce the Florida needs assessment profile for science, mathematics, foreign languages, and computer learning to meet Federal requirements.

Florida TaxWatch: Cooperative Strategic Planning; Costs-Consequences Analysis for Florida's Workforce Development Programs; Development of an Exemplary State Agency Davis Productivity Award.

Florida Department of Corrections: Develop a quality management self-audit.

Florida Board of Regents: Educational Technology and Cost Reduction - Scenarios for Alternative Futures in Education; Master planning; Distance Learning.

Florida Department of Health and Rehabilitative Services: Training of trainers to include internal and external impact evaluation; Needs assessment techniques and procedures; Children Youth and Family: strategic planning; Agency strategic planning.

Florida Department of Law Enforcement: Strategic Planning & Curricula Development.

Leon County and the City of Tallahassee: Needs and Assets Assessment for Human Services.

United States Navy: Performance evaluation of leadership training; Development of interactive facilitator training.